Nilenso is an employee-owned software cooperative based out of Bangalore, India. We ship beautiful, fully-tested applications for you everyday.

We work with startups

We engage with you as your technical partner, and can help take your product all the way from inception to launch, ensuring consistent delivery of well-designed, well-tested software. We can transition to your team as you grow, or continue refining your product through ongoing iterations.

We work with Ruby on Rails and Javascript, build responsive web sites, and ship apps on Android.

C42 has been working with our Ruby & Rails teams for the past few months. They've shown a high level of ownership, and have been driving improvements in agile practices and Ruby usage in our teams. They've also been contributing to DevOps and infrastructure pieces where needed... more

The coders at C42 are absolutely awesome — they're prolific about writing high quality code, and they've even taught us how to improve our engineering practices. They know how to make offshore development work well, and their communication skills are top-notch... more

See our portfolio to see a list of the clients we have worked with.

We ship everyday

We follow Extreme Programming (XP) practices to build reliable software fast. We deploy working software everyday, communicate effectively through daily standups, work in pairs, test drive code, and are transparent about everything we do.

We are great people to work with

We are expert web developers with extensive experience in Ruby, Rails, and Javascript. We have built and launched products, regularly speak at industry conferences, sing carnatic music, and climb mountains.

Akshay Gupta 200 Aninda Kundu 200 Asif Kalam 200 Jasim Basheer 200 Jithu Gopal 200 Neha Kumari 200 Nivedita Priyadarshini 200 Prashant Karpe 200 Srihari Sriraman 200 Steven Deobald 200 Tejas Dinkar 200 Timothy Andrew 200

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