Nilenso is an employee-owned software cooperative based out of Bangalore, India. We ship beautiful, fully-tested applications for you.

We ship everyday

We follow Extreme Programming (XP) practices to build reliable software fast. We deploy working software everyday, communicate effectively through daily standups, work in pairs, test drive code, and are transparent about everything we do.

We work only in time and materials mode. This ensures that there is maximum flexiblity in change of scope as your idea evolves.

We are great people to work with

We are expert developers with extensive experience in Clojure, Ruby, Rails, and Javascript. We have built and launched products, regularly speak at industry conferences, sing carnatic music, and climb mountains.

Abhinav Sarkar 200 Akshay Gupta (kitty) 200 Deepa Venkatraman 200 Jithu Gopal 200 Nivedita Priyadarshini 200 Noopur Varma 200 Prashant Karpe 200 Ravi Chandra (neena) Padmala 200 Srihari Sriraman 200 Steven Deobald 200 Timothy Andrew 200

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